(How to) Configure Vimeo Video module

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The world does not end in Youtube. There are plenty of video players, as many as colours. Therefore, at King of App, we wanted to develop this module, the “Vimeo Video”. You will be able to play on your app any video you downloaded to this social network. Here’s how to set it up.

Once added the “Vimeo Video” module to your app settings, it’s time to see how we load the information. We do it the easiest way possible: the video ID. Where should we take it from? The URL of the video itself.

That is, just copy the code that appears on the URL navigation bar and that’s it. The URL is usually something like this:

Well, the only thing we have to write on the ID field are the numbers that are listed at the end: 84885879.

It is very easy and very simple. Now you have your Vimeo videos in your App.