(How to) Configure the advertising module, KoAds

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In the ​​services area, one of the modules that you can find is the one that gives you the option of adding advertising to your App. It Is the KOAds and its configuration is really simple at the same time that effective in its purpose.

When choosing KOAds module you can add advertising images on two sections of your application: between the splash image and the loading of the App and a footer banner in any of the sections. So we’ve enabled two fields where you can insert your own HTML code. In this way, we ensure you can do any kind of promotion.

Módulo ADS config

When you open the configuration section will find three text fields to fill. In the first, you will give the module name. So it’ll always be identified. This name will never appear in the app. The other two are for the code.

The field “main source” will be used to charge the Ad immediately after the Splash Image. This promotional image is displayed for a few seconds before giving way to the content of the application.

The other camp, the “Code of fixed ad” offers the possibility to load a footer in the sections of the application. This banner will always be fixed in the bottom of the phone. To select the section where you place this Ad just have to check and select the modules appear at the bottom of the configuration screen.

KOAds, the easiest way to have advertising on your App.


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