(How to) Configure Group List module

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The options when designing an App are manifold. The appearance of content can (and should) vary from one to another. Therefore King of App has developed a specific module to classify content that, for whatever reason, you want it to remain related. This is the “Group List” module.
With this module you can create a kind of submenu where you can move different content around. You need to go to the module market and choose it to activate it. Its configuration is really easy because you only have to choose it from a provided list of items.

Group ListFor example, we can create a list of modules focused on images. It’ll include “Youtube Gallery”, “Youtube Video” and “Instagram Feed” modules.
Thus, a direct access to these blocks according to a submenu is created.
The modules to be included in the “Group List” must be pre configured in the editor and, as always, they must be under the regime of a main menu. What should we do to avoid duplication and that they just appear as submenu content?

duplicidad menúTo avoid this duplication shown on the second picture of this simple tutorial, King of App has enabled an option in the configuration of all modules: a checkbox to enable to display the menu or not.

This is a quick setup that can give place to organizing the contents of any App. A module that, as the others, can be duplicated and used as many times as you want in your application.


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