(How to) Configure Contact module

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One of the most obvious features of an App is to keep the user in touch with the source of information. Examples as being able to send an email to a Customer Service or getting in touch with our favorite brand are elements of great value for those who download a mobile application. Therefore, at King of App we have developed a free module in which every user can maintain a fluid communication: the “Contact” module. Today we will teach you how it works and how it has to be configured.

The module we have created is based on Mandrill mailing shipping service; therefore you will need to create an account for this service. If something is good you don’t need to create it from scratch! Mandrill is a free application as long as you don’t exceed a maximum of 2,000 deliveries (which are many), so do not worry about the costs and just take advantage of it.

Once the account is created on Mandrill, you will have to get the code to configure the module. It is very simple. You just need to create an API Key in the section “Settings”. You just have to fill the field with it on the email address where you want to receive emails and… There it is! The module will work properly!

From now on anyone can reach you via email using your App.