Have a rest, we’ll do it for you

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There are tasks that are simply tedious. At the App world there are two procedures that are particularly of this kind and no one wants to do them. These two procedures are compiling and, of course, the publication of an App in the markets. They are not complicated tasks but require precious time that many of you don’t have. We know that time is better spent creating, so we give you the opportunity to forget about all these steps. So, we relax, we will do it for you.

We want you to dedicate you time on creating apps and not worrying about complying with the rules of Apple and Google for your application to be available for download from the markets. Therefore we take care of everything involved with it. We compile and publish for you.

Compilación King of App

Once you have completed your app with the look and features you like, it’s time to complete the project. The first step is to compile the files. While you can do it yourself (we will provide you with a .zip file) the best option is leaving that in our hands. We offer you different ways from a basic price of 10 euros per compilation, why should you complicate your life?

Obviously if your app does not meet the requirements of each market to be approved, we will not allow you to spend any money for your compilation. We do not want you to lose money, we want you to earn it.

Publicación king of App

For those who are planning to create several applications, they can pick packages or monthly bonuses; It will always be cheaper to do this than buying individual compilations. Have a look at the options that might fit you better or feel free to leave this tedious task on our hands.

Once you compiled files it’s time to publish the App in the markets. Although it isn’t a difficult task, it is quite tiresome, especially on Apple;) (they are so fussy!). That’s why we want to help you. We are already savvy to this and will take care of uploading your App to the markets in the shortest time possible, so they are available in both the Apple Store and the Google Play as soon as possible.

How much is 200 euros compared to the time you lose on each compilation? :p

Trust us and forget about the rest!