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Mobile Marketing strategies

The importance of mobile marketing in your business strategy

What is mobile marketing?

Mobile Marketing is the set of commercial and/or corporate activities and actions that, supported by the characteristics and advantages of mobile devices, aim to bring a profit, generally of an economic nature, to the issuing company. The growing demand for mobile marketing services is influenced by the advance of voice and data transmission...
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5 + 1 advices you can’t miss when you are creating an app

If you're thinking about creating an app from scratch, you're probably in a situation of doubt and uncertainty. What steps should you follow? What precautions should you take? You probably need some advice before you start developing your application, so we've compiled this list of things you can't miss during this process. Following this list you...
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Best Strategies for Mobile Application Development Companies

The user has become accustomed to having mobile apps for everything and more and more businesses want to get their own apps. Increasingly companies dedicated to application development are appearing and others are evolving to offer apps development to their customers. The interest in mobile app development has become a trend, so there are a number...
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