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Improve your app downloads with these stunning best ASO techniques

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ASO (App Store Optimization) is nothing more than the positioning of applications in the different online stores. In other words, it is the SEO of the applications.

Although there are several apps stores, we will highlight above all that the ASO works to position in the App Store and Google Play, the two largest and best-known apps repositories in the world. To get an idea, 91% of downloaded applications are through both platforms, according to The Forrester report. Want to know how to increase your app downloads? Below we show you the best ASO techniques to position your app among the top positions of the stores.

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Universal App Campaigns Downloads

How to increase your app downloads with Universal App Campaigns

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If your brand has an application or you’re thinking of creating one, you’re likely to find yourself uncertain about what methods exist to promote it and get downloads.

There are organic positioning techniques based on ASO (App Store Optimization) that allow us to give more visibility to an application within the app market places in a very similar way to what we do to make our website more visible in search engines with the aim of getting more visits, favoring organic positioning through SEO.

Just as in web browsers, where the number of pages available is infinite, the increasingly dense mass of apps available in application stores makes it difficult to achieve visibility-based success, especially if you’re in a competitive sector or in a hurry to increase your list of users. Read More

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Promote your app. Get more downloads with these simple techniques

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One of the big problems of selling apps for mobile is being able to convey its advantages.

Your app is able to perform many functions, but when you put them into writing, everything is confusing. Not only does it look less attractive, but you’ve had to write a very long text.

In addition, you are also afraid that your customers will not read the text for laziness. And no wonder you think that, the reality is that people do not like to read because it is heavy and tiresome. Read More

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The app marketing tips to help you conquer the stores

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The App Marketing has already become a key piece in the communication plan of many companies. Did you know that there are currently more than 4.2 million apps available in Google and Apple stores, and by the end of this year we’ll be over 200 billion downloads?

It is safe to say that there is therefore a robust and growing industry, especially because mobile apps are rapidly becoming a vital part of business strategy. Read More

create promotional video for app

How to create a promotional video for your app and get more downloads

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In the middle of digital era, it is more than enough known the great impact that online video possess to attract audience and to generate interest on the products and services that companies offer. That is why is not surprising the fact that most of them conceive the video as a key element for their promotion and marketing campaigns. Here is where arises the named ‘promotional video‘. Read More

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What are the most expensive apps in the market?

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Exams to practice as a lawyer in the USA, professional piano tools, and an atlas for surgical operations are some of the most expensive mobile apps that exist at the app stores, although there are others with unclear functionality.

WhatsApp, Facebook, Wallapop and Pokémon Go were some of the most downloaded apps last year, but none of them appears among the most expensive ones. Interestingly, the apps that will dig the deepest down our pocket doesn’t have a great notoriety for the major part of the population.

The maximum price that could be set for an app is 350 on Google Play, while the Apple Store has set a top of $1.000. Although it might seem like a lie, there are various apps that reach these prices or get close to them. Read More


Alternatives to Google Play Store

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Android = Play Store. This is the mentality of many of us, that when downloading an Android application, we go directly to the Google Play Store from our smartphone. But there are other alternatives to download an application.

One thing to keep in mind is that not all devices have Play Store and not all applications are approved by Google. There are many alternative stores and this is explained by the open nature of the operating system.

Created in 2008 under the name of Android Market, it wasn’t until 2012 that Google changed the look and feel of its app store, calling itself the Google Play Store as we know it today. Although a few years ago, these alternative markets were somewhat obscure, today they are quite popular. Read More