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How does 18:9 screen format affect the design and creation of mobile applications

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It’s been a little over half a year since the Xiaomi Mi Mix was introduced, a smartphone that was presented as a phone with a few frames and that was released in the 17:9 format. Months later, with complaints about the black stripes that appeared in some applications, the LG G6 was presented in 18:9 format, and later, the Samsung Galaxy S8 with a similar format. Read More

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7 examples of iOS app designs to attract more audience

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How does an application become a success? Some will say the main driver is the importance of the app to the real world, or the way it makes life easier for people, or just the amount of fun that the app can bring to users. But the truth is that the design is one of the most relevant aspect to take into account when creating your application. Next, we give you more information to make a perfect iOS app design in order to have a great user interaction. Read More

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Application Design: the 6 tips you should always apply

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For an application to be successful, it is not enough to simply provide a great utility. However interesting your application may be, providing creative design in your mobile application is what will make your users real lovers of your product. However, trends in the application design are constantly changing and it is time to be permanently updated. Knowing what tools to use to generate the design of applications and what aesthetic elements can be applied to your product can be difficult, so we wanted to give you some tips that will help you design an application in a simpler and more attractive way. Read More