The 5 best apps to discover music

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The number of songs that appear every day makes it impossible for us to listen to everything, so today there are several mobile applications that make our lives easier, making it possible to discover music to renew our music library.

It’s been a long time since we had to keep an eye on the radio for those songs we liked, as well as buying records from our favorite artists. The first to break this dynamic was Napster in early 2000, where users were able to exchange MP3 files with each other, but we now have a wide array of applications in this field.


The Swedish application Spotify is a giant among streaming music players, although there are other platforms that try to dislodge it from that position. Apple Music or Tidal, created by rapper Jay-Z, are the two main rivals seeking to alter the status quo.

One of Spotify’s hallmarks is the renewal of its extensive song library, with the “Explore” section as an example. Within this section of the application, we will be able to access lists created by the application for different times of the day (concentration, party, lunch…), or, as well as one of the great novelties introduced by the Swedish application:”Weekly Discovery”.

This playlist, which is updated every week with 30 new songs, is a direct recommendation to the client. To do this, algorithms are used with the songs that we listen to throughout the week, having new songs on Monday that have similarity to those heard. In addition, by paying a monthly fee, you will be able to have the condition of Premium, being able to download the songs to listen to them without the need of Internet.


Considered “the world’s largest music and audio platform” as they claim, SoundCloud stands out from the rest because there are no intermediaries when it comes to updating your library. It is the artists themselves who directly upload their songs to the application.

When you want to find a song on another platform, try SoundCloud because you may find what you’re looking for. Within the curiosities of the application, we should also highlight the simple player in which you can see the waveform of the song. Registered users can leave comments, share or sometimes download the audio file.


Shazam is one of those applications that we don’t usually have in our phones, but it is often essential, and that is that its main function is the recognition of songs. For example, you’re at home watching TV and an ad appears with a song you like; thanks to this application, and using the microphone on your mobile phone, you’ll be able to know the name of the artist and the song.

Not only that, but also more information, from the video clip or lyrics of the song, to songs by the artist and others that have similarity with the one we have just discovered. You can also select the artists you like best to receive news about new releases.

One of Shazam’s curiosities is that it has an interactive map in which you can see the most sought-after songs in each part of the world, because what you can update your music with the most popular songs of the moment.


The number of people listening to the radio is declining year after year, and the Internet and television have overshadowed it, as statistics show. TuneIn is an application that tries to cover as many radio channels as possible, so that anyone who downloads the application can access it.

Prestigious stations such as ESPN Radio, TED Talks, CBS Radio, CNN or TalkSport are some of the most eye-catching. Users will have access to more than 100,000 radio stations, where a large percentage of music stations are covered by music, with BBC Radio 3 being the most prestigious. Capital FM, Kiss or WHTZ are other illustrious chains that we can find.

Being able to access radios from all over the world will help us find new songs to renew ourselves. It wouldn’t hurt to have Shazam on hand, either, since many times we can lose the song’s name because of the voiceover language.


Jango is one of the most curious applications when looking for new songs. This is an online radio service, where personalized music recommendations are quite accurate, having certain similarities with the radio that Spotify has.

The dynamic is simple: Jango lets you choose a song as well as an artist you like, and with it, a playlist is created based on your selection. One of the keys to the success of this application is that you will be able to say which songs you like and which you don’t, so that the application will be molded to the user’s taste.

Can you think of an application to discover new music?

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