by Oriol Riera

(How to) Set the icons

All Apps made with King of App are completely customizable. When you load a template in our editor, nothing is fixed and everything can change. Not only colors, backgrounds or menus but also icons that identify each of the modules. Here we show you how you can do it. There are two types of icons in...
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Meet us on Slack

Hey Developer! Meet us on Slack!! King of App we all now that all developers need somebody to speak with while they are trying to create their own modules. So that, we have created a new way to keep in contact with us using one of the most common chat system: Slack. From now on, you can...
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(How to) Configure the Login Module

One of the key elements of an app is to allow users to register to the contents of an app. To this end, King of App have developed a login module that let you manage the users of your application. login config firebase_King of AppThe module is accessible...
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Apps to stop Google’s obsolescence

Steadily, and faithful to what is the most widespread social trend, Google moves into mobile world. If a few months ago the main Internet search engine changed their algorithms to position first those sites adapted to mobile devices, since late last year has given a new twist to show contents of the Apps in its...
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(How to) Configure the Analytics module

If the facts are sacred and comments are free, the data are even more so. Access to them is a keystone to any campaign and we have therefore developed a module so you can connect your App to Google Analytics and know almost any detail about the behavior of the users of your application. Read more

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