10 apps that changed the world

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Nowadays our lives can be organized in one click! According to the latest data from Yahoo’s Flurry analytics, 90 percent of mobile usage time is spent on apps. This was a key insight as companies decided whether to develop mobile apps or create device specific apps. As a result, we have apps for almost everything and some have changed the world.

Thanks to these apps, it is so much easier today to watch movies, listen to music, take a taxi, order food, or many other things we do everyday. Here is a list of the apps that really impacted the world.

1. Angry birds

Inspired by bird sketches designed without wings, the first game released for Apple’s operative system in 2009. Angry Birds changed mobile gaming, beginning a new era where smartphones became an important platform for games. This app is among the most downloaded, with over a billion downloads.

2. Twitter

Twitter’s main characteristic is keeping things short. After all, it is a microblogging service that limits the size of your posts, its famous “Tweets” – texts of up to 140 characters – revolutionized how the information is transmitted. When it began, it was labelled useless, nowadays Twitter is a crucial way to access and bring news to the world.

3. Google Maps

Do you remember looking for an address on a map? We always ended up lost! Thanks to Google maps now we can easily find directions, and since recently we can find points of interest close by, real-time traffic information and details about public transport schedules. It is great not only for car drivers but also for people using public transport or even for bike riders.

4. Yousician

This app turned learning an instrument into a game! Yousician teaches you how to play instruments in a fun and easy way. It is like having your music teacher in your pocket. It offers step-by-step tutorials that will guide you through each lesson. In addition, you can learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want and get instant feedback on your accuracy and coordination.

With Yousician You can learn to play the guitar, bass, piano and even the ukulele! There are already 10 million people in the world using it, what are you waiting for?

5. Brushes

Smartphone apps have even changed the world for painters! Brushes has an infinite number of features and offers 45 high-performance brushes, up to 16 layers in HD quality, and performs up to 100 times the undo/redo feature in case something goes wrong with the painting.  With Brushes, the digital era has indeed revolutionized painting!

6. Korg Gadget

Whoever follows the world of music apps has a sweet spot for Korg. This app was one of the first innovative apps in music and is still a versatile synthesizer with a great vibe. Korg Gadgets offers a collection of more than 20 synthesizers and different drum machines called “gadgets”, which allows the user to not only produce electronic music, but also get the quality of a music production studio.

7. Implosion – Never Lose Hope

Implosion is one of the so-called AAA games, which take a lot of time and investment to be produced. This high quality and immersive game was brought to mobile! Proof that mobile games are closing the gap with consoles.

8. Editorial

If you are looking for a complete “on-the-go” writing solution, then look no further, this app is for you! Can you believe it?

First of all, Editorial is a text editor for writing that already comes with support for Factory Markdown. It also has synchronization with Dropbox, and has numerous tool panels and menus for document preview, a Python console and draft block, document viewer, and a built-in search browser. It is practically a Swiss Army Knife for writing!

9. MyHeart Counts

Now thanks to technological tools, it is easy and practical to measure the condition of our heart! Stanford Medical College has created this application to assist medical organizations in understanding heart health. The application measures activity through Apple Watch, a device that has a heart rate sensor.

It will also perform a walking test and, by reporting cholesterol and blood pressure rates, you may know the risks to a future heart problem. Awesome!

10. iMovie

iMovie proved desktop-style tasks could be performed on a mobile phone. This is how the smartphone has gone from an entertainment device you owned to the only gadget you needed.

Currently, this app is a good choice for those starting out editing video, but does not guarantee the same advanced features as other paid apps. One feature of iMovie is its incredibly intuitive User Interface and User Experience, which really speeds up work.

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