Native vs hybrid app

Native app or hybrid app: which is the best for your company?

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The world of technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and what may have seemed like futuristic madness, such as wearing smart clocks, controlling appliances with our mobile phone or even the appliances themselves include a built-in tablet, come true today.

But as they say, power without control is useless, and for this, developers, put all their effort in developing applications so we can perform our most common tasks or take advantage of all the features of our devices. And once with the idea of ​​the application in the head, they are presented with a dilemma: Native application or hybrid application?

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3 YouTube Channels to learn Android programming from scratch

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On YouTube you can find tutorials of anything, due to the current mass of youtubers in search of visits. In the channels of this platform, it is possible to learn Android programming from scratch, without any previous experience in the world of development.

If you are already a programmer and you are considering making a living developing Android applications, you will agree that a highly recommended approach to take is the creation of mobile applications. It is what is increasingly taking center stage, with more and more people buying more powerful mobile phones and larger screens.

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7 good strategies to generate engagement with your app

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At the end of 2015, access to the internet from mobile devices increased considerably, surpassing the desktop computer for the first time. In the following years, the mobile world has only grown, achieving in 2017, positioning itself as the first device worldwide with the longest use.

Mobile applications are also not far behind, since according to the Mobile Global Report published by comScore in 2017, users spend more than 80% of mobile minutes in applications. For this reason, the app world is a great opportunity for companies, if they are able to connect with their users and thus achieve loyalty.

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10 Brilliant Apps Small Businesses Should Use

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The smartphone boom has made these devices the protagonist almost everything we do in life – including business. There are now more than 4.2 million applications worldwide and although most of them are for entertainment purposes, there are many programs that have been created specifically for entrepreneurs.

We have selected ten free mobile and web apps that can be great allies in business. Read More

Startup of the Month April: King of App

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Xavier Barata, the founder and CEO of King of App, is originally a publicist and entrepreneur. He has worked in advertising, website and mobile app development for over 17 years.

“King of App, founded in 2014, offers an open source CMS (Content Management System) to create mobile applications. With its system, King of App allows developers and designers to build apps faster and cheaper by using a CMS, the same type of tool that they use to create websites.

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Universal App Campaigns Downloads

How to increase your app downloads with Universal App Campaigns

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If your brand has an application or you’re thinking of creating one, you’re likely to find yourself uncertain about what methods exist to promote it and get downloads.

There are organic positioning techniques based on ASO (App Store Optimization) that allow us to give more visibility to an application within the app market places in a very similar way to what we do to make our website more visible in search engines with the aim of getting more visits, favoring organic positioning through SEO.

Just as in web browsers, where the number of pages available is infinite, the increasingly dense mass of apps available in application stores makes it difficult to achieve visibility-based success, especially if you’re in a competitive sector or in a hurry to increase your list of users. Read More