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6 reasons to develop a Smartwatch app to target businesses

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Smartwatches are the next trend you should pay attention to. In 2015 smartwatches surpassed traditional watches in volume for the first time. According to IDC, “the overall smartwatch category will improve and grow at a healthy rate of 31% on average for each of the coming five years.”

The consultancy reports that about 50 million smartwatches were shipped last year along with “basic clocks” for fitness, a number that should reach 152 million by 2021! A small number of smartwatches and basic watches that will be sold to the commercial market, companies, schools and government are included in this projection.

Thus, these devices will not only be focusing on entertainment since apps on a smartwatch will be faster and easier to access than on a smartphone which you need to take out of your pocket. Indeed, this can be a differential for those who want to be more dynamic in the daily use of gadgets, directly related with productivity.

Check out these 6 reasons to develop a smartwatch app and understand how this technology can be applied in the professional world, contributing to revenue savings and helping leaders make safer and more strategic decisions.

  1. Stand out from competition

Entering this market before a competitor can be decisive for success. Remember the apps boom? Companies that started investing before came out ahead and achieved higher returns compared to those who joined the mobile industry later.

  1. Loyalty to early adopters with a smartwatch app

Early adopters always want the latest technology plus they are extremely loyal to the brands and products they consume. Conquering them can be important for your long-term strategy. Creating an innovative solution that integrates their favorite gadgets will ensure your company becomes a trend among the fans of new tools.

  1. Build know-how for your company

One of the biggest reasons for your company to start developing smartwatch applications right now is to build knowledge to stand out in the future. Technology is constantly evolving, and being at the forefront will allow you to test, adjust and develop new strategies that will help your business grow.

Starting soon will give your company the opportunity to learn from mistakes and come to consolidated products before rival brands.

  1. Provide more mobility to the user

Mobility is inevitable and smartwatches are just the next breakthrough. Give your users the experience of getting information, performing tasks and accelerating their lives with a smartwatch application. The sooner this type of user is integrated into your plan, the better.

Previously people had thought that mobile technology was not growing very fast, then it suddenly took off. There is no reason not to expect the same from smartwatches.

  1. Guarantee a spontaneous marketing

While smartwatch apps are new, getting spontaneous disclosure through their launch is relatively easy. Investing in an app will put your company in the media without it having to pay for that space, which will free up resources to invest in other channels.

  1. Leverage your campaigns

Can you imagine a better way to have your brand viewed daily by clients and partners than to put it on their wrist? Unlike phones and tablets that need a little more of our attention, smartwatches are within sight all the time.

Broadcast messages to specific segments of your audience and empower your marketing team by becoming more present in the user’s life.

Practical uses of smartwatches

As the market and smartwatches mature, their uses will become increasingly diverse, just as smartphones.

With a smartwatch app, some professional issues could be optimized. For example, you could allow your customers to track projects, access their customers information quickly or guide their staff remotely, including real-time content delivery.

Managers Smartwatch Benefits

The data generated from time management and project applications, CRM and financial management in smartwatches currently already provide data and strategic information to reduce costs and increase team productivity. The managers could achieve:

  • An accurate measurement of the time invested by professionals in their tasks, through integrated time-tracking.
  • Better understanding of the distribution of demands to employees, identifying bottlenecks.
  • Find out what motivates people the most and what should keep them engaged at work.

Employees Smartwatch Benefits

The main advantages of smartwatches for work include:

  • Access the priorities of the day without having to rely on memory, an agenda, or even the screen of a computer or smartphone.
  • Give the ability to easily start counting time spent on tasks, and deliver them with the same ease, so they can value their effort, and inform them if there is coherence in the hours of work contracted by the client.
  • The employees can be in permanent contact with the company, to receive quick guidelines and respond to customer emails.
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