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The app marketing tips to help you conquer the stores

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The App Marketing has already become a key piece in the communication plan of many companies. Did you know that there are currently more than 4.2 million apps available in Google and Apple stores, and by the end of this year we’ll be over 200 billion downloads?

It is safe to say that there is therefore a robust and growing industry, especially because mobile apps are rapidly becoming a vital part of business strategy. Read More

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Security in mobile application development: the 5 biggest risks

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A survey by Nokia revealed that we look at our cell phone about 150 times a day, which indicates how far the mobile apps development sector has come. However, the development of applications for Android and iOS goes much further than creating an attractive interface or solving a simple user problem.

Protecting secure data should be the most important element of professionals seeking long-term growth and consolidation of their work in this industry.  While the mobile world currently experiencing spectacular growth, it is extremely competitive and exposed to security issues. Find out the 5 worst security dangers in the development of mobile apps.

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11 lessons to learn from big app failures

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Having a big brand behind you is not synonymous with reaching success. Companies like Google, Apple and Facebook are aware of this, since they all have created applications that promised great things, but ended up becoming very sound failures that caused them some losses and the discontent of many of their users.

Below we expose some of the biggest failures committed by some of these great brands so that, you don’t make the same mistakes and improve your company’s productivity through your app:

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How to create a promotional video for your app and get more downloads

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In the middle of digital era, it is more than enough known the great impact that online video possess to attract audience and to generate interest on the products and services that companies offer. That is why is not surprising the fact that most of them conceive the video as a key element for their promotion and marketing campaigns. Here is where arises the named ‘promotional video‘. Read More

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7 examples of iOS app designs to attract more audience

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How does an application become a success? Some will say the main driver is the importance of the app to the real world, or the way it makes life easier for people, or just the amount of fun that the app can bring to users. But the truth is that the design is one of the most relevant aspect to take into account when creating your application. Next, we give you more information to make a perfect iOS app design in order to have a great user interaction. Read More