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Select from over 20 different modules or create new ones for your app.


Develop clearer and better apps by using services like Analytics, Push Notifications, Logins, etc…


Select from over 20 different modules or create new ones for your app.

Our Vision

We designed and developed an open-source environment custom-made for the professional community that empowers them to build apps for everyone quickly and conveniently.

We utilize Open Source so we have the ability to respond to any demand immediately. King of App is the referee in the community that ensures code quality while nurturing a community of resources that allows for unlimited growth.

Our philosophy is simple: easy to learn software. With that goal in mind, we decided to go with widely.

Why we created King of App?

King of App was created by professionals who had the need to easily and affordably create fully customizable apps. King of App was created in January 2014 in response to the needs of numerous professionals in the online, advertising and marketing industries. Each time we presented the cost to build an app, our customers thought it was too expensive. Therefore, we developed a unique technology that would reduce costs, production times and that would change the world of apps.

Create your own App

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