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Start your first steps with King of Apps!

1 Open your King of App user

First things first: Join the King of App community here and fill in the fields. Once completed you will be in and access a world of possibilities for you and your new Apps. Welcome to King of App!

2 Create your first App

On the homepage you will find the dashboard  where you can manage all your applications. From editing to create folders and organize them according to your needs. To start, click on the "Create New App" button in the upper right corner. A new screen with standard Apps and everything you need to start will be displayed. You can easily preview them to see the one that best suits you. If you prefer to start from scratch, "Android Starter Kit" is your choice. Let’s move on.

3 Fill in the data for your App

Fill in the necessary data so your App can be properly compiled and so it provides all necessary information to users. You can choose your languages, edit them or add tags.

4 Choose the topic

Choose from over 30 themes. Preview them and see information about them by clicking on its image and filter by score or author. When you are ready, click on the "use" button. If you change your mind later, not to worry, you can change the whole creation process later on so go ahead and try everything you need.

5 Customize your App

You're ready to give it that personal touch that every App needs, change the background images, logos, fonts and colors all to make your design totally corporate. In addition, you can choose a loader to provide the most personalized touch to your App. Let your creativity fly!

6 Selects your modules

This is the heart of King of App. Add all modules requires your App with our Drag & Drop, configure them and manage them in different types of menus to give it that unique and distinctive touch to your application.

7 King of App services

Do you want your users to receive push notifications? Do you want your app has a system login? Well we have the solution with services King of App. Select one by one you need and choose between different providers for each of your users ellos. Get closer to your users!

8 Select mode compilation and publication

King of App we offer several options both compilacióncomo Posted: you are who take charge of these actions or otherwise let us handle everything and you just wait to see the App in the markets ready to use. It is time to develop all the Apps you need and build your kingdom King of App!