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Small Rewards Key Productivity

Small Rewards are the Key to Productivity in your Company’s Strategy

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After hiring and training employees, companies need to worry about motivating their team to increase productivity. This is one of the most important objectives inside a company and organizational rewards can help achieve this goal.

An organization has various ways of giving out rewards, like a formal recognition for a person’s contribution, a personal letter, a travel award, additional responsibility, or a salary increase. Which of these would you guess makes employees more productive? Read More

most expensive apps

What are the most expensive apps in the market?

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Exams to practice as a lawyer in the USA, professional piano tools, and an atlas for surgical operations are some of the most expensive mobile apps that exist at the app stores, although there are others with unclear functionality.

WhatsApp, Facebook, Wallapop and Pokémon Go were some of the most downloaded apps last year, but none of them appears among the most expensive ones. Interestingly, the apps that will dig the deepest down our pocket doesn’t have a great notoriety for the major part of the population.

The maximum price that could be set for an app is 350 on Google Play, while the Apple Store has set a top of $1.000. Although it might seem like a lie, there are various apps that reach these prices or get close to them. Read More

reasons to create mobile app

6 reasons to create a mobile app

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With the boom of the mobile app industry, there is a wide variety of reasons to make an app for your brand. It is mistakenly thought that mobile apps are exclusively for big companies and require a huge expenditure, but it couldn’t be further from reality.

According to Pew Research Center, about 224 million Americans use mobile apps every day, and more than 77% of the American population use smartphones in their daily life. This data shows the importance of apps nowadays, but only 26% of the small and medium sized enterprises actually have one. Why should your company have an app?

1. Your company will be available online 24 hours a day.

As we already mentioned, a high percentage of the American population has an Internet access from their mobile phones. The user who downloaded your app will have an open contact with your company 24 hours/7 days a week.

The users who have downloaded the app will be able to access it in any given moment of the day, increasing the sales possibilities, and improving the attitude towards your company. A mobile app speeds up the search process in comparison to a computer, providing a faster reach for information. Read More

ecommerce benefits

eCommerce: the 5 benefits of selling on the Internet

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The electronic trade, or ecommerce, is not something that surprises anyone, considering the huge size of companies like Amazon or eBay nowadays. According to the data provided by bigcommerce, approximately 80% of the American population tends to buy via Internet throughout the whole month, a fact that shows the importance of using this technique.

What is an ecommerce?

It is not very well-known when it first appeared as a term, neither where, although many experts mark the time period between 19th century, and the place as the United States. It was the sale by catalogue that revolutionized the way of traditional distribution, being the first time when you could buy a product without seeing it physically first, only in images or photos.

Starting from the definition of e-commerce, which would be the commercial transactions produced in a network, this would be our first stop. Later, in 1960, emerged the system of electronical transactions of Electronic Data Interchange, more known as the EDI, that allowed the commercial exchange of data. In 1970, the first computers started appearing, making the evolution of e-commerce immense. Read More

apps that changed the world

10 apps that changed the world

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Nowadays our lives can be organized in one click! According to the latest data from Yahoo’s Flurry analytics, 90 percent of mobile usage time is spent on apps. This was a key insight as companies decided whether to develop mobile apps or create device specific apps. As a result, we have apps for almost everything and some have changed the world.

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