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iOS 11 features

The iOS 11 features took over the WWDC 17

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“We have a lot to talk about this morning”. That’s how Tim Cook started one of the key dates of the year, the WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDC). Throughout the week, Apple presents the changes that will happen during their next course, including the latest of iOS 11.

Although in principle it is an event for developers, this date is becoming more general every year and people are starting to introduce their new devices. Between the latest additions that could be seen during the day on Monday, the advancements from MacBook stood out, a new speaker that “fights” against Google and Amazon, the new iOS 11 and the change of the AppStore. Read More

We have grown from a team of 9 to more than 30!

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We have grown from a team of 9 to more than 30!

King of App was inspired by the unexpected discovery of a niche in the market. In fact, 3 years ago we were an advertising agency and we had to deal with a big problem: every time that we had to make an estimated quotation for an app development, all of our customers rejected the projects because they were too expensive.

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(How to) Set the icons

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All Apps made with King of App are completely customizable. When you load a template in our editor, nothing is fixed and everything can change. Not only colors, backgrounds or menus but also icons that identify each of the modules. Here we show you how you can do it.

There are two types of icons in King of App; the menu icon and modules icon. The first will always be visible in your app, while the rest used to identify functionality, will only appear in certain views of your App as when the menu is displayed. All icons are loaded into the App from the edit screen of each of the modules. As you can see in the picture, all include the “module icon” option in the configuration section:

KoA - Builder_icons settings

By selecting this, you have two options; upload your own icon or choose from a list of predefined images. From there, you can go ahead with different combinations so that your App will become in a completely unique one.

Meet us on Slack

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Hey Developer! Meet us on Slack!!

King of App we all now that all developers need somebody to speak with while they are trying to create their own modules. So that, we have created a new way to keep in contact with us using one of the most common chat system: Slack.

From now on, you can connect with us using this slack channel:

Sign in and chat with our main developers. They will lead you to success in your development tasks. Here you can ask us whatever you want about the modules and themes creation because we know that Github’s documentation is not sometimes enough for you. All your inquires will be solved but be comprehensive with us, we are not 24/7 working. 😉

Find us on Slack, it has never been so easier to be part of the community!

Let’s meet at the Mobile World Congress’ 4YFN

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Once again, King of App will be present at the largest gathering of mobile technology. For the second consecutive year, we will participate in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

4yfn ExhibitorsThanks to ICEX, King of App will have its own space within the 4YFN (Four years from now), the space for startups with the greatest growth potential in the sector. Located at the fairgrounds of Plaza Spain in Barcelona, ​​we will introduce the world our new developments with the recent release of version 2.0 of our platform.

From 22 to 25 February we will expose to the mobile world our project to be the first CMS Open Source for creating cross-platform Apps. So we’ve launched our version 2.0 with significant new features compared to the first version already presented precisely during last year’s Mobile World Congress.

During this time, the entrails of King of App have lived a real earthquake. Beyond adapt the design of the platform to the new features, we have taken a turn to the core technology to make our platform accessible to any programmer. A transformation that has received high praise from our potential customers.

Open Source model

We committed to being an open source platform where everyone can collaborate. We give access to the code, to all documentation, for designers and developers to create and modify the elements until getting the desired App in the shortest possible time and at a cost that everyone can afford. Therefore we opted for development in common languages ​​in the Web industry –HTML, CSS and javascript-, all adaptable to the Mobile technology.

But we not only allow developing modules, templates or services. King of App is both a marketplace where everyone who wants can generate their own income. We want the community of King of App to be also a participant of the success of our project. Each and every one of the external developments can be uploaded to our markets, exclusively licensed for each developer, so that it takes part of the sales of your product. King of App is not only a platform for creating applications, it is also a sub-market, a future project for developers.

All this and more is what you will find in a few days in Barcelona. We encourage you to visit us and have a chat at our booth in the 4YFN.

(How to) Configure the Login Module

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One of the key elements of an app is to allow users to register to the contents of an app. To this end, King of App have developed a login module that let you manage the users of your application.

login config firebase_King of AppThe module is accessible from our services market, it is based on management Firebase’s Databases. To be functional, you need to create an account at the Firebase free service. It will be from Firebase’s control panel where you will manage all information, therefore, in our configuration panel just have to type a URL that you will be provided once create the appropriate API. Anyway, let’s go step by step.

The first thing you should do is create (if not having) an account on Firebase. Once on your dashboard, you’ll see the option (bottom left) to create an App. This App will have the name you decide and will serve to identify it from the rest. Enter at the “Manage App” option.

login config Firebase_King of App 2Once in the management deck of this app, in the menu on the left, go to the option “Login & Auth” and activate the “Enable Email & Password Authentication” option. It is in this panel where you will find the data (except passwords) of users on your App.

Once enabled this option, just copy the url of the navigation bar and paste it in our configuration panel.

This is the last step to finish configuring our service Login to be available on any of your Apps.



TekNLife: Designing Apps like a puzzle

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New King of App review published in the media. On this occasion, the blog specialized in technology TekNLife offers accurate analysis of our tool. Its author, David Salces out from us our commitment to innovation and that we are not only “The WordPress of Apps“, he has compared us, and we like it, with Tente and Lego; kits that have given us great moments in our childhood.

You can reed the entire review here:

teknlife_King of App article

[ Download PDF ]


Apps to stop Google’s obsolescence

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Steadily, and faithful to what is the most widespread social trend, Google moves into mobile world. If a few months ago the main Internet search engine changed their algorithms to position first those sites adapted to mobile devices, since late last year has given a new twist to show contents of the Apps in its results.

Google is turning into mobile, that is, it’s giving more importance to mobile content. A year ago, Larry Page’s company announced a change in the algorithms of search and positioning which gave greater importance to those sites that they were adapted to mobile browsers. So Google began placing at the top those pages that were “mobile-friendly“. That is, that met these simple conditions:

  • Avoid software that can not be loaded on mobile phones, as Flash content.
  • The text can be read without having to zoom.
  • That the contents fit on the screen without using horizontal scroll or zoom.
  • The links are in place and appropriate formats to make it simple activate them.

Now, however, it has gone beyond to give greater visibility to the content displayed via App. The Apps have dominated our day to day and web browsers can not even ignore it. Google has reached an agreement with several services suppliers to start showing, in their search results, the content of their mobile applications. The agreement allows, from a browser, to access the contents of Apps like Hotel Tonight, Weather, Chimani, Gormey, My Horoscope, Visual Anatomy Free, Useful Knots, Daily Horoscope and New York Subway. Nine companies to advance on the path to index any content of any mobile application.

Apps in the Browser

The agreement with Google enables any user to view in the browser, without having to download it, the contents of the App; and move through it freely accessing all sections and interacting with them. To make this possible, developers only need to install a Google indexing API in their Apps, which helps Google to understand what a page is about and how often is used. It has also reduced its ranking algorithm to incorporate application content. “The app loads in a virtual machine on Google’s cloud platform, and the client – the Google app that runs on your phone – sends up the touch interactions to the cloud machine. And that cloud machine executes those touch interactions, renders the app and sends the pixels back down to the client” the company explained during the presentation of this novelty.

But that’s not all, Google has been long working on indexing content through the App “deep links” pointing directly at them. This is intended to stop obsolescence of web browser searching overall the global trend is that the contents are moving out from the desktop computers to mobile, which seriously endangers which has traditionally been the main Google business.

Thousands of applications have already been indexed – that is, its contents may appear as Google search results. Today, Google has 100 million indexed bonds within applications, the company says. It also notes that users can install applications on their smartphones and tablets when it finds relevant content related to your search query within mobile applications. “What we want is that people can access all content, whether on a website or in a App” note from the company.

While this new way of presenting search results should be taken as an experiment, the fact is that Google continues to advance along the path of mobile, so it is not surprising that besides having the main market of mobile applications the world wants to create synergies for collaboration between the two ways of understanding the distribution of content.


(How to) Configure the Analytics module

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If the facts are sacred and comments are free, the data are even more so. Access to them is a keystone to any campaign and we have therefore developed a module so you can connect your App to Google Analytics and know almost any detail about the behavior of the users of your application.

Config Analíticas_King of App

To load this module in your app you must go to the Services Market, where you can also load the advertising or the push messaging modules.

The configuration of this module is quite simple because we only ask you to fill in a field. However, this area is extremely important since it corresponds to the Google tracking code, the UA.

How the UA is achieved?

To get this code you must have an account in Google Analytics. Once registered, the steps are:

1. Log in to your Analytics account
2. Go to the Admin Panel
3. Create a follow-up account indicating that it is a Mobile App one

Once the account is created Google Analytics provides a code that follows the same sequence UA-000000-01. This is the tracking code that you ave to paste in the Analytics module configuration.

To view the data on your App you can access your Analytics account and see all that relates to users, number of downloads, connection time, an so on.